You may be mentally ill but buy a gun anyway

You may be mentally ill but you can buy a gun, in the US state of Georgia.

Well – not all mentally ill people – just those who have been classified as such but have now been removed from a database.

In Georgia, once your name has been on the database for five years, state law requires that it be removed.

Thousands of Georgia residents who were involuntarily committed for mental health treatment have now been removed from the National Instant Background Check System, a nationwide database which gun dealers use to run background checks on buyers.

This database includes people committed for inpatient treatment; those found to be incompetent to handle their own affairs; and those who committed a crime while mentally deranged. If you are on the database, you are banned by federal (and Georgia state) law from buying a gun.

More than 2,000 new records of mentally ill Georgians have been added to the database in 2015.

The names are removed automatically from the databse without any review by a doctor or a court.

Georgia is the only state that automatically removes records of involuntary commitments to inpatient treatment.