Wizards watch out

In Pakistan, a new law holds out the promise of severe punishment for anyone found guilty of being involved with cannibalism, as well as the exhumation of corpses or to cook, eat or sell any organ or part of a corpse, or use it for magic or any other purpose.

Today’s Pakistanis who exhume a corpse or any part of a corpse face seven years jail and a miminum fine of Rupees 300,000 (about £3,700). If you decide to eat any part of a living person or a corpse, you might get 14 years and a Rupees 500,000 (£6,170) fine.

If magic is your purpose then the punishment gets stiffer: “Whoever exhumes a corpse or any part of a corpse with intent to cook, eat or to sell it, or to use for magic any organ, or removes the hair of a female corpse, cooks any part of these corpses or eats or sells any organ of these corpses shall be punished with imprisonment for life.” Oh, and the Rupees 500,000 fine, too.

Picture source: By Caspar Plautius