Who’d want to be Kang Chol?

Poor old Kang Chol. His days must be numbered.

Kang is North Korea’s ambassador to Malaysia. He’s been knocking for days at the doors of the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, trying to get hold of the corpse of Kim Jong Nam, the assassinated half-brother of the “Supreme Leader” of North Korea, the porky Kim Jong-un.

Without success.

There was even an attempted break-in at the hospital’s mortuary to get hold of Kim’s corpse.

Without success.

As the senior man on the ground, Kang has proved himself an abysmal failure at the only task that counts right now – getting that body back before the lurid details of the poisoning can be published, and the body used as evidence.

If he continues to fail he might find himself with a new ambassadorial role.