What’s hidden in the attic?

Dozens of dead babies, that’s what.

Just when you thought the insanity of the US had reached a natural plateau, out pops a tale that confounds that assumption.

In two separate and independent funeral homes in Detroit police have found the corpses of babies hidden in the attic.

An anonymous letter led police to the former Cantrell Funeral Home in east Detroit, which was being cleared out prior to refurbishment for a new owner. They found the mummified remains of at least 10 foetuses in a cardboard box and an infant in a coffin, hidden in insulation between the first and second floors. The funeral home was closed in April after decomposing embalmed bodies were discovered – its licence was suspended.

Meanwhile police have raided the Perry Funeral Home, also in Detroit, where they have found “three unrefrigerated boxes containing the remains of a total of approximately 36 deceased bodies of foetuses or infants,” according to a statement from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, “plus a deep freezer containing an unknown number of additional deceased bodies.”