We all know what that means

Today Indonesia is likely to execute (by firing squad) several prisoners waiting on death row, most of them convicted of drugs’ offences.

It shot 14 drug offenders last year, including two Australians – Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

One of those likely to die this time is a Nigerian citizen, Michael Titus Igweh.

Igweh, a clothing importer, has already told an Indonesian court that police electrocuted his genitals to force him to confess to possessing heroin.

He said: “I was constantly beaten, and my genitals electrocuted until I was helpless.”

He was sentenced to death in 2003 for possessing 5.8 kilograms of heroin. His conviction was based on the testimony of two alleged accomplices, Marlena and Izuchukwu Okoloaja, who died in police custody and could therefore not testify in court.

According to Igweh’s lawyer: “They were healthy when they were arrested, they had no history of illness, they all just suddenly died while in police custody. We all know what that means.”


Picture source: Tropenmuseum via Wikimedia