Wanted: willing dead

Canada looks pretty dull but it has its own share of unpleasant strangeness.

Travis Winsor, 39, from the Niagara Region, is a good candidate for dangerous oddball.

But it looks like he might be locked away indefinitely, which is probably a good thing.

A self-declared necrophiliac, he has long tried (and failed) to get a job at funeral homes. According to a psychiatric assessment read in court, he wrote in his diary: “I know for a fact that I would be fondling/fucking the female corpses (the owners would be sick if they didn’t).”

His previous convictions include raping a former girlfriend in 2000 and possession of child pornography

Winsor has been diagnosed with sexual sadism, pedophilia, hebephilia (a preference for pubescent females), voyeurism, exhibitionism, necrophilia and bestiality.

The court also heard that “he has written about rape, torture and suffering extensively, including descriptions of his plans to torture and kill his victims and steps he would take to prevent detection from the police.”


Picture source: Milan Nykodym via Wikimedia