Vengeance is no solution

Zhang Koukou, 36, has been sentenced to death for stabbing to death his neighbour Wang Zixin, 70, and his sons, Wang Zhengjun, 40, and Wang Xiaojun, 46, in Nanzheng district, Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, on 15 February last year.

He was a very angry man – the murders were revenge, eaten not just cold but frozen. 22 years ago, when he was 13, he witnessed a fight in which his mother, Wang Xiuping, died. His mother had argued with neighbour Wang Zhengjun and hit him on the face with a piece of metal. Wang Zhengjun then picked up a piece of wood and hit her on the head, killing her. Given the woman started the fight, Wang Zhengjun got seven years in prison and the family had to pay the Zhangs 9,639.3 Yuan ($1,406).

After the stabbings Zhang went home and fetched two petrol-filled bottles, smashed the windows of Wang Xiaojun’s car and threw his Molotov cocktails into the vehicle.