Uzbekistan massacre 10 years on

Human Rights Watch has called on the European Union and the US to speak out on human rights abuses in Uzbekistan, on the 10th anniversary of a massacre of Uzbek civilians which falls on 13 May 2005.

That day, government forces opened fire on thousands of mostly peaceful protesters in the central square in the town of Andijan in eastern Uzbekistan. They were protesting about poverty, unemployment, and government repression.

The government has admitted that 187 people died that day; those who were present claim that figure is absurdly low. Firing from machine guns and assault rifles lasted 30 minutes.

The Uzbek government has rejected calls for an independent inquiry and have persecuted anyone suspected of participating in the protests and witnessing the killings.


Picture source: Uzbek soldiers by N.C. Master Sgt. Stephen Barrett via Wikimedia Commons