Trump’s extinction programme

You have to hand it to President Trump’s enemies – they are everywhere and quite noisy.

The latest in the onslaught against the American leader is a press release from the Center for Biological Diversity, headed “Trump Budget Puts Elephants, Red Wolves, Whooping Cranes on Path to Extinction”.

The 2019 budget proposed by Trump would, it’s claimed, cut the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s budget by $300 million, or 19%.

The release states that “among the 10 species most threatened by this budget are: North Atlantic right whale, the Florida grasshopper sparrow, the laurel dace (a small fish that lives in Tennessee’s Cumberland Mountains), the Puerto Rican parrot (pictured), a tree in Hawaii called the Koki’o, the Oahu tree snail, and the spring-run chinook salmon of the upper Columbia River.”

A spokesperson for the Center says “Trump’s heartless proposal goes against everything that Americans care about when it comes to endangered species.”

The snail is clearly doomed, and the parrot is dead too. Or not.

Mind you, the US Fish and Wildlife Service is a bureaucracy and like all bureaucracies it seem unable to satisfy everyone. It’s now being sued by an assortment of conservationists…for coming up with a plan to save the endangered Mexican wolf that’s inadequate, according to the conservationists.

Picture source: P Torres