Trigger happy cops

There are some trigger happy cops in Birmingham, Alabama, as this video shows.

In May 2015, the policeman Daniel Aguirre was given an award – the Combat Cross Medal – after he informed his superiors that he had fought a felon who was endangering him and his partner. The Birmingham police even charged the ‘assailant’, Aubrey Williams, with attempted murder.

This did not quite fit the picture however – dashcam footage shows that Aquirre actually shot Williams in the back as he was on his hands and knees.

Aguirre said Williams pulled a gun and pointed it at his partner, Richard Haluska. When he ordered Williams to drop his gun, he pointed it Aguirre. Aguirre fired and struck the suspect. Aguirre made the whole report up.

After more than a year in jail for a crime he never committed, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges against Williams.

Aguirre was stripped of his medal last November after the footage was revealed. However, the department still pursued murder charges against a man innocent of murder — and neither of the cops was disciplined for lying.


Picture source: Flickr