Time’s running out for Golden Gate jumpers

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has long been a favourite spot for jumpers. Last year it’s confirmed that 40 people jumped to their death from the bridge, which is about 220 feet above the water. Since its opening in 1937 it’s reckoned that as many as 2,000 have committed suicide this way.

At long last – after years of debate – construction has now started on a “suicide deterrent” net, a stainless steel catcher stretching out on either side of the bridge for 20 feet, and about 20 feet lower than the bridge itself. It won’t make for a soft landing, and anyone who jumps and avoids broken bones could still crawl to the edge and topple over.

And it won’t be finished until 2021, at a cost of more than $200 million.

Picture source: Helder Ribeiro