The funeral of Donald Trump

Some readers may be interested to know that the new US President, Donald Trump, has already made his funeral arrangements.

Not that this is anything unusual; all incoming American Presidents are required to set out how they want to go.

The reason is that the five-day event of a US Presidential funeral is a big deal and needs to be planned in advance.

The Military District of Washington is in charge of arranging the funeral with guidance from the family. A dead President can choose to have a simple funeral, or one with the full works – gunshots fired, drummers playing, flag draped over coffin, and so on.

The ex-President’s body lies in state for 24 to 72 hours, before being driven at 20 miles per hour to their final resting place.

The 9th US President, William Henry Harrison, died in 1841, just 30 days after his inauguration. At that time there was no established form for official mourning and funerals of Presidents who died in office. So Alexander Hunter, a Washington trader, who was charged with arranging Harrison’s funeral, draped the White House and other official buildings in black – a tradition in long abeyance, sadly.

Drape the White House in gold lamé a la Liberace for Donald?

Picture source: Wikimedia