Texan justice

Jeffrey Lee Wood, from Texas, is all set to be executed for a murder he didn’t commit.

He is awaiting a lethal injection on 24 August for his role as getaway driver in a 1996 robbery, in which Kris Keeran, an assistant in a garage, was shot and died.

The killer was Daniel Reneau who was executed in 2002.

According to the court Reneau and Wood plotted to steal a safe which they thought contained thousands of dollars.

Some reports suggest Wood is mentally disabled with an IQ of 80; his mother has described him as an “eight-year-old in a man’s body.”

He was initially declared incompetent to stand trial after a psychological report found him to be delusional and unable to understand his circumstances, but the hospital reconsidered and he was eventually convicted. Wood was originally scheduled to be executed in 2008, but that was delayed because of his lack of competence.

In 1987 a Supreme Court ruling called Tison v. Arizona said the death penalty could be imposed if a culprit was a major participant in the murder and had acted with “reckless indifference to human life.”


Picture source: Flickr