Snaky princess

In the old Burmese capital of Bago, close to Yangon, a huge 14 foot long, 200 pound python lazily coils and uncoils.

Surrounded by piles of cash.

The snake is supposedly 127 years old, although a typical Burmese python lives no more than 40 years, and spends her days in the Kyi Taung Monastery, tended to by monks, who believe the Burmese python to be the reincarnation of a former Shan princess, Saw Nan Wai, a statue of whom stands in the corner of the python’s quarters.

Devout Buddhists lay cash on her back in hopes of good fortune. The snake earns more than 20 times the average Burmese household per day.

She eats monthly, and can manage 17 or 18 chickens.

As a reincarnated princess, the monks believe the snake will live to be 1,000 years old.


Picture source: Oceancetaceen Alice Chodura via Wikimedia Commons