Snake oil for sale

Never trust an insurance salesman. Or woman come to that.

A UK insurance company has sponsored the publication of a report by a think-tank. The average funeral in the UK now costs around £3,600. This report says Britain faces a looming “funeral time bomb”; funeral costs could, it says, reach or exceed £7,000 by 2020.

Maybe. Who really knows?

In any case the cost getting rid of a dead body can be lessened by choosing other means of disposal, such as a simple burial at home in the back garden (legal, if done right).

The crux of the matter comes towards the end of the press release accompanying the report, which “highlights a growing need for families to come together and plan ahead for funeral expenses as these could have a significant impact on families who are already under financial pressure.”

In other words – buy a funeral insurance policy…

Yeah, right.


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