Snake and dog stew

Kitu Munyoki, from Kitui – about 180 kilometres from Nairobi, in Kenya – pleaded guilty recently to a charge of failing to report the deaths of his wife and daughter. He said his wife died in 2014, while their daughter died in 2013.

His neighbours say that Kitu is very hardworking and peaceful, although he has some odd habits, such as surviving on a diet of dogs and snakes.

Jane Munyoki, a neighbour, said: “If he found us killing a snake, he would tell us it provides good meat. He would cut its head and disappear with it. He bought dogs and cats, but we never saw them at his home.” She added that Kitu’s daughter “barked like a dog twice a day – early in the morning and in the evening”.

Kitu’s defence is that his wife left instructions she should not be buried because “she and her daughter will return in nine years.” He covered the corpses in herbs, applying petroleum jelly to them daily as he awaited the resurrection.

The intestines had been removed; neighbours suspect they ended up on Munyoki’s plate.

Police said the bodies were remarkably well preserved.


Picture source: Flickr