Slime fish massacre

Darin Rodabaugh is in a bit of a mess in Oregon over some ‘slime fish’ (pictured). A company called AA Seafood is suing him for around $50,000. It accuses him of carelessly pulling his boat out of the water at the Port of Depoe Bay on 10 September 2016.

His boat collided with an overhead power line, knocking out the power to the warehouse where AA Seafood stored 16,400 pounds of live hagfish. The fish are kept in tanks with water that constantly circulates to stay fresh.

The power was lost for six hours, during which time almost all the hagfish died. Hagfish, an eel-like creature without a jaw or a spine, is a delicacy in Asia. It secretes mucus and seawater, creating a white slime – hence the name ‘slime fish’.

Picture source: Freshwater and Marine Image Bank