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Armin Meiwes is currently serving a life sentence in a German prison.

A 54-year-old former computer technician and retired soldier, he was arrested in 2002.

In March 2001 he killed and ate 43-year-old Bernd Brandes, who shared his cannibal fetish, and who offered himself as a victim.

In 2002 there was no law in Germany against cannibalism and, because his victim was a willing partner (as is clear from videos the pair made of their activities), Meiwes was initially convicted of manslaughter.

That was later upgraded to murder.

Doctors say he is well aware of his fetish, and is no danger to the public as he wouldn’t hurt anyone who didn’t share his fantasies.– as seen in detailed videos the pair took of the grisly slaughter.

Now a new documentary, Docs: Interview With A Cannibal, which features an interview with Meiwes, has been produced.

The couple had sex before Brandes demanded Meiwes cut off his penis, so they could eat it together.

The first knife was too dull, Meiwes recalls in the documentary. A second lopped it off.

“He screamed. Horribly. But it was short. Maybe for 20 to 30 seconds,” Meiwes recollects in the documentary. “The blood was squirting from the open wound, similar to a fountain.”

He seasoned the penis with salt, pepper and garlic powder and fried it. Unfortunately, he says, it shrivelled to almost nothing.

He finished Brandes off by slitting his throat, then butchered the body, and ate a portion with potatoes and sprouts.

Meiwes said it tasted “like pork, but stronger. More substantial.”


Picture source: Wikimedia