Sex, lies, and deceit

Denise Williams, who is 48, has just gone on trial in Florida, accused of assisting in the murder of her husband, Mike Williams, in December 2000, and benefiting from $1.75 million from three life insurance policies.

The difficulty for the prosecutors in the case is that they will largely depend on the testimony of Brian Winchester – Mike Williams’ erstwhile friend and insurance agent, who last year confessed to shooting him.

Denise married Brian in 2005, but they divorced in 2016.

Her lawyers have a ready-made defence. To find her guilty they will have to rely on the word of a self-confessed murderer – and someone who is also serving 20 years in jail for kidnapping his ex-wife at gunpoint. The very next day after he was sentenced, the missing remains of Mike Williams were coincidentally identified.

The state atttorney in the case has summed it up as one of “sex, lies, and deceit”.