Serenity in France

If you are terminally ill in France, you can now opt to spend your final days asleep.

The French parliament has decided against legalising euthanasia or assisted suicide – but doctors will be allowed to keep terminally ill patients sedated until death.

Sedation and painkillers will be allowed “even if they may shorten the person’s life.”

Terminally ill patients will be allowed to request “deep, continuous sedation altering consciousness until death”, but only when their condition is likely to lead to a quick death.

Doctors will be allowed to stop life-sustaining treatments, including artificial hydration and nutrition.

Jean Leonetti, a conservative MP, said the new law essentially tells French people that “at end of your life, if the suffering is unbearable, you’ll be allowed to get to sleep, soothed and serene.”




Picture source: Flickr