Scotland’s unofficial death penalty

Linda and Stuart Allan have told the Parliament of Scotland that the country has an unacknowledged death penalty for prisoners, following the suicide of their daughter at Her Majesty’s Young Offenders Institution at Polmont, near Falkirk. Katie Allan was jailed there in March 208 for a hit-and-run accident while she was drunk. She killed herself after being bullied by other inmates.

Stuart Allan said: “In 2008, 35% of prisoner deaths were from suicides but in 2016, 2017 and 2018 this has rocketed to over 50%, with the volume of prison deaths increasing in that time…Forty per cent – so that’s 32 of the 82 deaths in prison – who have taken their own life were under the age of 30. Twelve of those 32 had taken their own life within one week of being in prison.”