Saudi Arabian monsters

The monstrous regime in Saudi Arabia carries on in its bloodthirsty fashion, with scarcely a squeak of protest.

Tuti Tursilawati was an Indonesian domestic worker in Saudi Arabia, 34 years old and a single parent. She was beheaded on 29 October this year for the murder in 2010 of her employer, Suud Malhaq Al Utaibi.

Reports differ, but the most convincing one states that she was systematically sexually abused for months by the male members of the family she worked for, and killed Suud Malhaq Al Utaibi because she feared he was going to rape her. She ran away but was caught and gang-raped by 9 men who afterwards turned her over to the Saudi police.

She was charged with murder, found guilty, and sat in jail for seven years. Hers was the third head of a migrant worker to be chopped off this year in Saudi Arabia.

Of course there are other ways Saudi employers can get rid of troublesome migrant maids – Emerita Gannaban, 44, a Filipina maid, went to Saudi Arabia in June this year. She died in Riyadh, in hospital on the same day, 29 October, after having been poisoned, probably by her employer.