Nicole Honait Luxor, who was awaiting trial for murder, has died in hospital in California at the age of 62.

Luxor died from gallbladder cancer that metastasized to her liver.

She was evidently an unusual person; she claimed to be clairvoyant, bred horses, and ran a rural retreat in Paso Robles.

She also shot and killed a ranch-hand who worked for her – Benjamin Terra – and then held off police for nine hours at gunpoint.

Last November police surrounded her house, where she had barricaded herself inside. Unable to capture her, they finally teargassed the building.

Inside they found the body of Terra.

Luxor was accused of firing 39 shots at officers during the standoff, as well as Terra’s murder.

David Vogel, the defence lawyer representing Luxor, said he would have proved that she killed Terra in self-defence.

He also said Luxor was “brilliant” with an IQ of 170.


Picture source: CBS Television via Wikimedia