Road-rage justice, US-style

In York City, Pennsylvania, Michael Yeaple, 27, has just got away with murder. He shot and killed James Robert Weimert, 29, who was unarmed, on 12 November last year in a road-rage incident. And the District Attorney, Dave Sunday, has now said Yeaple will face no charges.

According to Sunday: “Based on incontrovertible evidence, it was clear to us that we would have a burden to overcome regarding a self-defense claim…we’re of the opinion that we could not meet that burden beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The law puts the onus of proof on the prosecution – it’s up to the prosecution to prove that someone did not act in self-defence, not for an accused to prove that did act in self-defence.

After their two cars crashed they started arguing and it turned physical. Their wives and children were in the respective vehicles at the time.