RIP Tyrus Wong

Tyrus Wong, one of the best and least known of Hollywood artists, has died at the age of 106.

A Chinese immigrant to the US, Wong painted the storyboards used by the animators of the 1942 Walt Disney classic Bambi. He also did the storyboards of the 1969 movie The Wild Bunch.

Wong was also a printmaker, calligrapher, greeting-card illustrator and maker of kites. In 1932 and 1934 his paintings was included in group shows at the Art Institute of Chicago that also featured Picasso, Matisse and Paul Klee.

He became a United States citizen in 1946. When he retired he took up designing and building kites in the forms of butterflies, swallows, flocks of owls, centipedes and other creatures.

Picture source: Wikimedia