RIP Sergeant Mehment

Sergeant Mehment, a Turkish soldier who fought at Gallipoli in 1915, has just turned up, after landscaping work revealed his tomb near Kilitbahir village in Çanakkale province.

His grave was covered by a vegetable patch.

The corpse was identified after the tombstone, marked with Arabic letters, was translated into modern Turkish. The tomb was near a site used as a military hospital and graveyard during the battles.

On the tomb was written: “Brothers, do not believe I am dead, I just reached the highest grade any soldier can reach. In order to save our homeland and our religion, this is the most honorable death of the Turk. Sergeant Mehmet, son of Moulder Ali from Safranbolu, from the second battalion of the 42nd regiment.”

Picture source: Ernest Brooks, Imperial War Museum