RIP Philip Bialowitz

Philip Bialowitz has died at the age of 90 in Florida.

As Fiszel Bialowicz, he should have died at least twice before.

Bialowitz was a Polish Jew who was first of all rounded up by German troops when a teenager in his birthplace, Izbica, where many Jews lived, in eastern Poland. They marched him with other Jews to a cemetery, where Nazi soldiers opened fire. He only escaped death by pretending to be hit, then lying for hours among bloody bodies.

Rounded up again, he was taken with his brother Symcha and other family members to Sobibor, where around 250,000 people, mostly Jews, were murdered in 1942 and 1943 by the Nazis.

In October 1943 Jewish workers used hidden knives and hatchets to assassinate their guards; about 300 fled through the gates of the camp.Most were recaptured, but the Bialowitz brothers were among the 50 or so who were not. He testified in 2010 at the trial in Germany of John Demjanjuk, who was convicted of being a guard at Sobibor.
Picture source: Anton Kurt via Wikimedia Commons