RIP Levi Felix

Levi Felix has died at the age of 32, the result of a brain tumour.

He was a co-founder of Digital Detox, which sponsored retreats and camps to help people reconnect to real life.

Prior to that he had first-hand experience of the stresses resulting from digital overload, working very long hours for a tech start-up, with his laptop under his pillow. In 2008 exhaustion brought on an esophageal tear. It proved to be an awakening for him.

He sold his car and fancy clothing, went to Cambodia and worked at a guesthouse on a remote island without Internet access or mobile phone.

The purpose of Digital Detox was “to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives, both online and off.” It sponsored retreats that emphasized yoga, meditation, a healthy diet and one-to-one connections as a reprieve from digital life.

He once said: “I’d like to see more people looking into people’s faces, instead of looking in their screens.”

Picture source Flickr