RIP Jefferson Airplanes

By an uncanny coincidence Paul Kantner, co-founder and leader of the rock group Jefferson Airplane, has died on the same day as Signe Toly Anderson, the group’s first singer. And they died at the same age – 74.

Jefferson Airplane were formed in 1965. Kantner first wanted to call the group The Nest, but a friend suggested Blind Lemon Thomas Jefferson Airplane, which was shortened to Jefferson Airplane.

Anderson left the band in October 1966, after giving birth to a daughter.

In 1967 they had hits with Somebody To Love and White Rabbit, written by Grace Slick, who joined as singer after Anderson left.

Airplane were the only group to appear at the three memorable rock festivals Monterey, Woodstock and Altamont.

Kantner’s mother died when he was eight. His father arranged for him to go to the circus instead of her funeral.

He attended a Catholic boarding school by the Christian Brothers who he said slipped him books from the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, including Tom Sawyer and Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Kantner claimed to have first taken LSD in 1963. He said the drug “gave me what I always hoped religion would give me, and never did.”

Picture source: Christopher Michel via Wikimedia Commons