RIP Clare Hollingworth

One of the best female foreign correspondents of the 20th century, Clare Hollingworth, has died at the age of 105.

She started off her career by writing from Warsaw, where in 1939 she was distributing aid to refugees who had fled Czechoslovakia after the Nazis invaded the Sudetenland.

After she was signed up by The Telegraph in August 1939, she witnessed – and reported – first, the likely Nazi invasion of Poland, on 29 August, and then three days later she phoned the British Embassy in Warsaw and reported the invasion, but an embassy minion did not believe her. “I hung the telephone receiver out of the window, so he could listen to the Germans invading”, she said.

During the Second World War Hollingworth left Warsaw and filed stories from first Bucharest, and then Turkey, Greece and North Africa. But Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Commander of the 8th Army, didn’t like women reporters; he kicked her out in 1943 and sent her back to Cairo.

Hollingworth became the Telegraph’s first Beijing correspondent in 1973 and in 1981 retired to Hong Kong, where she spent her last years.

Picture source: Flickr