Quick bite

Another day, another cannibal.

Garth Anderton, 24, from Manchester in the north of England, has just got six years in jail for biting the ear off Euan Turner, who was quietly walking home after a New Year’s Eve party.

Anderton, who was homeless at the time of the attack, knocked Turner to the ground before climbing on top of him, battering him about the head and biting off the bottom third of his ear.

He pocketed the bit of ear and later told police he was saving it to eat later: “I bit his ear off and I ate it. I am a cannibal” he told police. 

Anderton told a psychiatrist he was fascinated with serial killers and vampires, and had drunk his own blood in the past.

He admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and three assaults, and was called a serious risk to the public as he was jailed for six years at Exeter Crown Court.

The judge who sentenced him said: “You admitted you had said the ear was chewy and had said ‘yum yum’. You said it was better than losing your virginity.”

Turner suffered facial injuries and the loss of a third of his ear, which could not be re-attached because of the risk of infection.

Anderton, who has a medical history of mental illness, had failed to take prescribed medication and used alcohol and illegal drugs on the night of the attack.


Picture source:  Wikimedia