Sell-by date

Asa Hutchinson (extreme right in picture), the Republican governor of the US state of Arkansas, is in a great hurry.

He wants to get as many topped as possible before the expiry date on the lethal drug used in executions.

Thus he’s set execution dates for eight inmates over a 10-day period in April – the first executions that will be carried out in Arkansas for more than a decade.

Mind you, he still might have problems achieving that goal.

Arkansas’ supply of potassium chloride, one of three drugs used in lethal injections, expired in January. Hutchinson is confident he can get his hands on some more in time. And the expiry date on another drug used in the killing cocktai – vecuronium bromide – has an expiry date of 1 March 2018.

But his supply of midazolam lists should be taken off the shelf before the end of April this year.

Will he make it? It’s a race he’s determined to win.

Picture source: Uacescomm