Oregon’s empathy

Bryan Perry was 31 and a US Army veteran who had served in the Iraq War, during which he had been awarded a Purple Heart – meaning he had been wounded while in action. In November 2016 he landed in a padded cell in Clackamas County in the state of Oregon. He was arrested along with his girlfriend for allegedly violating a probation order. He had taken drugs and bath salts. In his cell he was clearly in distress, unable to stay still, thrashing about and moaning. We know that because some of the police oficers thoughtfully recorded Perry with their mobile phones as he writhed in agony. He arrived at the jail at 7pm; he was dead by just after midnight.

The 18 page police report into the circumstances of Perry’s death are full of (often illiterate) detail. What it cannot tell us is what led this  young man to waste his life in such a miserable fashion, watched by a bunch of indifferent and amused police men and women.

Picture source: Expert Infantry