The bonkers biker massacre in Waco, Texas, where nine bike gang members were killed at the weekend and many more injured at a Twin Peaks restaurant, is just the latest battle in the continuing war between the Cossacks and the Bandidos.

Twin Peaks‘, by the way is not a reference to the David Lynch TV series.

The Bandidos are the bigger gang, spread across the US, and with an estimated 2,500 members in 13 countries.The Cossacks are local to Texas.

We will probably never know for certain what started the mayhem, but some argue that the Cossacks have started wearing a particular patch on their clothes, and for some obscure reason the Bandidos apparently resent this.

In an FBI report of 2013 on US gangs, the Bandidos are cited as one of five American gangs that represent “the most significant OMG [Outlaw Motorcycle Gang] threat.”

In an authoritative November 2005 article in the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, William L. Dulaney argues that much of the biker gang trouble in the US derives from morally, mentally and physically damaged veterans returning from overseas’ wars, and finding themselves ill-equipped to return to American civilian life, where criminal behaviour, mass addictions, and violence are so scarce…