Nero as autistic child

Serge Isaac Benhayon, a ‘spiritual healer’ in New South Wales, Australia, has recently sued a former client for defamation. A former tennis coach, Benhayon said in court that in his ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing course, level 1’, he said that the Roman emperor Nero (pictured centre) continues to reincarnate as an autistic child, while other ‘authority abusers’ reincarnate as children with Down’s syndrome or other disabilities. The 54-year-old said he had not counted all his own lives, but that he had gone back as far as necessary – about 10,000 years – to learn what he needed to do in the present.

On the ‘Universal Medicine‘ website you can purchase Benhayon’s book on space, which is described thus: “This book is nothing like what we have had before, ever on this earth – it is steady and persistent like a garbage truck sucking up all notions, beliefs and concepts of what space might or could be and putting in their place the unwavering absoluteness of the sheer magnitude and in-truth just about indescribable majesty and glory that Space is, the connective tissue, the womb and already lived future available to all of us.”

At A$40 it seems an abs0lute snip.

Picture source: Henryk Siemiradzki