Name that bird Tasty

A seasonal story full of good cheer – an Exeter farmer who is not a psychopath.

Matt Carter has advertised his Christmas turkeys on social media by suggesting that customers pick their own. “We will put a name tag on it and you come and feed it and help look after it for the next 2 months. You won’t need to get involved in any of the difficult bits at the end and we will even bone it and stuff it for you when you come and pick it up, in time for Christmas.”

The post has received a host of outraged comments from vegans, many of which accuse 35 year-old Carter of being a psycopath, and also support from meat-eaters.

One of those who attacked the idea of eating a turkey at Christmas said: “Hopefully, as you’ve named them and gotten to know them, you’ll feel the tremendous guilt for being the reason they died when you sit down to eat them.”

Or maybe not.

Picture source: Accuruss