Loss of sight etc

For some reason that has yet to be explained, Lana Clayton, 52, decided to kill her husband Stephen, 64.

She chose a rather unconventional – and somewhat uncertain – means of bumping him off in their home in South Carolina in July. For days before he finally died, she fed him eye drops diluted in his drinking water.

Eye drops contain tetrahydrozoline which, if ingested, can cause nausea, vomiting, seizures and eventually a coma. It’s sometimes used as a date rape drug because it induces dizziness.

Revealed by a post-mortem, the drug looks likely to have done for Lana, who is now awaiting trial accused of murder. The fact that Lana shot Stephen in the head with a crossbow while he was asleep in 2016 probably won’t help her defence case.

Picture source: Entheta