Los canibales

In Venezuela, Juan Carlos Herrera says his 25-year-old son (Juan Carlos Herrera junior) was murdered and then eaten by a cannibal during a month-long seige at the Táchira Detention Centre.

Juan Carlos Herrera junior was jailed in 2015 for robbery.

His father claims he and two other prisoners were beaten, hanged, dismembered and then eaten by a fellow prisoner by the name of Dorangel Vargas, who is in prison since 1999 for cannibalism.

His gang cooked the flesh and gave it to the rest of the inmates with rice; they also force-fed some body parts to captured rival prisoners and cut the fingers off five inmates who refused to eat the flesh.

Vargas was jailed for killing and eating more than 40 people. Known as “El comegente” (the people-eater), he confessed to killing and eating at least 10 men.

The mutiny at the prison started on 8 September 8, when eight visitors and two guards were taken hostage.


Picture source: Orthodoxyn via Wikimedia Commons