Let the sun shine

It’s pretty hot around the world right now – fires in Greece, heatstroke deaths in Japan – so it’s entirely appropriate that the journal Nature Climate Change should publish an article on higher temperatures might increase suicide rates in the US and Mexico. Nothing about how more heat and sun might lift the gloom in some areas but that would be too much to ask.

After examining data spanning decades, researchers at Stanford University found that a 1° Celsius increase in monthly average temperature led to a 0.7% rise in suicide rates in the US and 2.1% in Mexico. No consideration of other variables – which might be considered by some as slightly undermining the article.

And at last the bottom line shock horror: by 2050 there could be at least 21,000 additional suicides in the two countries alone according to the researchers.

Or not: but 30 years from now who will check?

Picture source: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio