Lap-dancing to death

Barry Pring, 47, who was killed by a vehicle in Kiev, Ukraine, was “unlawfully killed” by his wife, according to an inquest that’s just been held in the UK.

Pring (pictured) was squashed while waiting for a taxi outside a restaurant in Kiev with his wife, Ganna Ziuzina, on 16 February 2008.

Ziuzina, a former stripper who was almost 20 years his junior, married Pring in 2007. Ziuzina (also pictured) declined to attend the inquest.

Pring, a wealthy man, owned five properties in the UK, including three in the London area. He bought an apartment in Kiev and sent Ziuzina £40,000 to kit it out. After his death Ziuzina traveled to London, sold her husband’s Range Rover and the contents of his apartment and removed money from his British bank account.

Picture source: Shaughan Pring