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Shane Quon, 45, from Winnipeg, is facing jail.

The charge is criminal negligence leading to death.

Roseanne Eaglestick, 23, his common-law wife, was found dead from alcohol poisoning on 19 March 2013. The details of the case have just emerged

The maximum sentence for criminal negligence causing death is life in prison.

The two of them had a stormy relationship, arguing over her alcohol use and her work in the sex trade.

Before she died Eaglestick drank most of a large bottle of vodka and two or three beers.

As she was almost out of it Quon cut up Eaglestick’s clothing and had sex three times, at least once after Quon had bound Eaglestick’s wrists and ankles with zip ties and when she was nearly unconscious.

After Eaglestick became unconscious, Quon placed her naked tied-up body on a sheet and scribbled graffiti on her abdomen and forehead.

She died next day.


Picture source: Ludwig Knaus via Wikimedia Commons