Jesus wept

On 11 January in the Russian city of Yaroslavl there were no abortions.

The local diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church called for the one-day suspension to mark the “massacre of the innocents” in Bethlehem around the time of Jesus’ birth, a reference to the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible, which tells of King Herod’s slaughter of all young boys.

“On this day, all public health institutions of the Yaroslavl Region are prohibited to perform abortions. Certain events have been scheduled aimed at combating the murder of babies in the womb and protecting the priceless value of motherhood,” according to a statement from the Archdiocese of Yaroslavl.

Official figures say that for every 1.9 million live births in Russia there are 700,000 abortions.

Picture source: Peter Paul Rubens via Wikimedia