It’s just a muck-about really

In December 2013 Chun ‘Michael’ Deng, aged 19, was blindfolded, made to carry a 14 kilo backpack, and run a gauntlet of fellow students at Baruch College, New York, while being successively tackled and brought down.

Deng, a first year student, became unconscious; the other male students hung around for an hour before calling a hospital. Deng died.

A court in Pennsylvania has now fined the college ‘fraternity’ responsible for his death (Pi Delta Psi) $112,500 and has banned it from operating in the state for 10 years.

It has also sentenced Sheldon Wong, 25, Charles Lai, 27, Raymond Lam, 24, and Kenny Kwan, 28 – who all pleaded guilty to felony charges of voluntary manslaughter and hindering apprehension – to prison sentences of up to  two years.

Picture source: tonynetone