Is Putin a girl?

“Is Putin a girl, that I should love him?” said Ivan Skripnichenko, 36 years old and a Russian opposition activist. That was his undoing.

Moments before an unknown attacker had asked him “Don’t you love Putin?”, as Skripnichenko stood on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, near the Kremlin in Moscow.

On 15 August Skripnichenko was standing next to an unofficial shrine to Boris Nemtsov.

Nemtsov was a leading figure of the Putin opposition, assassinated on the same bridge in 2015, supposedly by Chechen gunmen.

The attacker punched and kicked Skripnichenko, breaking his nose. He recovered and went to hospital but died, supposedly from heart failure, a few days later.

Investigators have neither identified nor arrested Skripnichenko’s attacker. No criminal case has been opened. His family say they cannot obtain the results of the autopsy.

Skripnichenko joins a lengthening line of dead opposition figures. Nemtsov’s shrine regularly gets destroyed by Putin supporters.

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