Irish boozers

Frank Murray, president of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, says the Irish are drinking too much alcohol.

Three Irish people die every day as a result of alcohol abuse. “We’ve seen a big change in deaths due to alcohol from being mainly older men to being much more gender balanced and much younger people,” he says.

He said this change has come about because in Ireland and in the UK most alcohol is now consumed at home rather than in the pub.

He described it as a complex and high mortality illness: “Most people underestimate how much alcohol they consume, by 61%…The awful thing is that people frequently have no premonition or warning that they’re going to develop liver failure, and to die as a result of alcohol, because the vast majority of people who develop cirrhosis, develop liver failure, haven’t got symptoms before the crisis, and the life threatening component develops.”

Picture source: Flickr