Internet addiction – Chinese style

A 16-year-old Chinese girl northern from the province of Heilongjiang was so cross at her parents sending her to an Internet addiction centre – where she was beaten and otherwise badly treated – that she tied her mother to a chair for a week and starved her to death.

Many Chinese teenagers are sent to such centres, where they are ‘treated’ for Internet addiction or other supposed behavioral problems; vicious corporal punishment is normal at such places.

In February this year the girl was forcibly abducted from her home and driven to the camp in Shandong province. She escaped in June.

In an online journal, she later complained that staff at the centre had beaten students and forced those who did not behave to eat in the toilets.

The girl took photographs and made a video of her mother tied up in the chair; she demanded thousands of dollars from her aunt to release her, supposedly so she could go to a physics school in the city of Harbin.

The money was sent, but too late. By then the girl discovered her mother was already dying.


Picture source: Flickr