Idiot tajni agenti

Josip Perkovic, 71, (pictured) and Zdravko Mustac, 74, used to be top dogs in the former Yugoslavia’s UDBA, the country’s secret service.

Now they’re in a German prison serving life sentences for the 1983 assassination of Stjepan Đureković, a Croatian businessman who was the boss of the state-owned petrol company, INA.

Perkovic and Mustac are also Croatian.

Đureković fell out with the state and fled to Germany in 1982.

He was found shot in a garage in the town of Wolfratshausen, in Bavaria.

The owner of the garage, who had won over Durekovic’s confidence, was sentenced to life imprisonment in Germany in 2008 for his part in the murder.

The German courts established in 2008 that 22 Croats were murdered in West Germany, on the orders of the Yugoslav leadership.


Picture source: Garaka via Wikimedia Commons