Hole in one

Valentino Dixon  spent 27 years in jail for a killing in Buffalo, New York state, which he didn’t commit.

He’s now free after another man confessed to the murder of 17 year-old Torriano Jackson in August 1991. In fact Lamarr Scott confessed to the crime just days after it was committed – and has periodically been confessing to it ever since.

The only reason Dixon probably was eventually listened to is because he discovered a talent for drawing lavish coloured pictures of golf courses; the warden of a jail asked him to draw the Augusta National’s 12th hole, from a photograph. Dixon’s skills snowballed and the magazine Golf Digest ran a feature on him in 2012, which was read by some Georgetown University law students, who in turn investigated the murder trial and picked up on flaws in the case that convicted him.

When he walked out of jail Dixon said: “I didn’t know anything about golf. I’m from the ‘hood.”