Have some dignity

Bad news for some. The number of deaths in the UK could fall from around 590,000 in 2016 to 560,000 this year, according to Dignity, the country’s only publicly listed funeral company. Its shares dropped 17% on the day of that assessment.

Dignity’s CEO, Mike McCollum, said he wants government to start regulating the funeral business. “We believe regulation of the funeral and pre-arranged funeral markets is necessary to ensure every family receives minimum standards of care from appropriate facilities,” he said. Anyone can call themselves an undertaker.

The commercialisation of death, the whole funeral business, is a racket.

Dignity runs a direct cremation service called Simplicity Cremations which costs upwards from about £1,500, as against its more typical £4,000 service. All you get from Simplicity is a collection of the dead body from the place of death; transportation of it to the crematorium; and a return of the ashes. No funeral service. £1,500 sounds good business for a ferrying-plus-burning.

You don’t have to use an undertaker. Check out the Good Funeral Guide factsheet. Do it yourself. If you care about the dead person why let total strangers handle its disposal?

Picture source: Internet Archive Book Images