Have a cigar!

Bruce McArthur, 67, was a Toronto landscape gardener until he confessed to Toronto police that he had carried out eight murders of men, most of whom were linked to the city’s Gay Village neighbourhood.

Now that he has been sentenced to a very long time in jail details are emerging as to what he got up to with his victims. Police say they found a duffle bag with duct tape, a surgical glove, rope, zip ties, a black bungee cord and syringes in his bedroom when they searched his property. Some of the victims were killed during a sexual assault or while being “unlawfully confined”.

McArthur buried his victims in large pots at an old people’s home where he worked. He liked to take photos of them after their strangling, setting up bondage scenes, placing them in furry costumes, and putting cigars in their mouth. The cops have discovered thousands of photos on the hard drives of his PCs.